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COSS Weekly #125

Here's the one-hundred twenty-fifth issue of COSS Weekly, the global commercial open source (COSS) company category newsletter, brought to you every weekend by the team at OSS Capital, creators and stewards of COSS Community and Open Core Summit.

We deliver only the most fresh 😋 news from the previous week in COSS across: Funding, Content, Jobs, Liquidity and $COSS (Public Markets).

Last week saw $74M in funding announcements from env0, Netbox Labs, LangChain, DBeaver, and Dozer, Hoppscotch's biggest release yet, WebAssembly + CGI (WCGI), announcements from OpenBB and Upbound, great talks, and more!


💰 COSS Funding: $74M

  • env0, an Infrastructure as Code tool, announced their extended Series A totalling $35M led by Venture Guides. Link
  • Netbox Labs, a network source of truth, announced their $20M Series A led by Flybridge, Grafana, and GGV Capital. Link
  • LangChain, helping build composable AI applications, announced their $10M Seed led by Benchmark. Link
  • DBeaver, a data management toolkit, announced their $6M Seed led by Headline. Link
  • Dozer, a platform for real-time data apps, announced their $3M Seed led by Sequoia India and Surge. Link
  • JJ: "👏🏼 YC has funded roughly same number of COSS companies as @OSSCapital in half the time! Mostly over the last 2 years. Amazing to see and love this fact..
  • OSS Capital: "Exactly 0% of our LP capital comes from Saudi Arabia. We work for LPs who are largely founders/builders of the last generation of the most successful COSS companies in history --- our reason for being is to transfer their knowledge to the next generation of COSS founders. 🙇🏻‍♂️" Link

📚 COSS Content

  • samim: "Listening to the outputs of a generative music model is significantly more uncanny than reading generated text: Endless voices signing in alien languages and bizarre genre defying beats leave one wondering if there is a funky ghost in the machine." Link

  • Naval: "LLMs are natural language computers - trained by natural language, programmable by natural language. The best way to program LLMs may simply be to communicate clearly and precisely." Link

  • Yohei: "Let it be free! Open-sourcing "Baby AGI", a paired down version of the "Task-Driven Autonomous Agent" at 105 lines of code. Three task agents (execution, creation, prioritization) work in harmony... forever.

  • Aria Minaei: "Who is training an open source speech synthesizer? #ai" Link

  • Bassam Tabbara: "Today we are launching the NEW Upbound helping platform engineers easily build, operate, and manage world class platforms using control planes @crossplane_io 🧵

  • "🎨 is coming 👀

  • OpenBB 🦋: "Contribute to open source not to impress others, but to expand your own skills and knowledge 🌟 Why don't you check out our contributing guidelines and start with #OpenBB?

  • LAION: "Our petition has now over 1400 supporters incl. prominent members of the scientific community like @SchmidhuberAI , Thomas Wolf, @irinarish, Kristian Kersting & Robin Rombach - if you know journalists or influencers interested in the petition, they can Mail ist:" Link

  • Emad: "Algorithmic and data set transparency, actually open AI(.com) is going to be essential where we are going. Large black box systems show great emergent properties but are not suitable for many mission and society critical systems and functions. Will be interesting few years.

  • Wasmer: "Today we are incredibly excited to announce WCGI. WCGI allows running any CGI app with WebAssembly and Wasmer! (...we got Wordpress running! 🚀) Check it out!

  • Clay John: "#GodotEngine had a big presence at GDC this year! Here is a little blog post talking about our first booth at GDC

  • No Priors: "New🔥 Ep#11: @saranormous & @eladgil talk to @matei_zaharia, founder @databricks, creator of @ApacheSpark@Stanford CS professor: - Dolly, betting on small models - scaling asymptotes - LLMs in the enterprise - academic -> founder/CTO of $1B+ revenue co 🎙

  • OpenBB 🦋: "Remember the Date: April 26th. Rewriting the rules, changing the game. 🦋 Register here to join our live launch event:

  • Juan Linietsky: "Congratulations about this. Shame on @apple for constantly boycotting the spec away from Khronos and making it much worse than what it could have been. I am hoping new legislation soon ends their forced monopolic imposition of Webkit to developers on their devices.

  • JJ: "Until you learn about @bittensor_ ...

  • Matt Mullenweg: "Today on @WordPress we are announcing you're not allowed to link to... oh wait, it's your site. You can link to whatever you want. It's the web. That's how it works." Link

  • JJ: "Very exciting work happening here. IPFS reimagined, orders of magnitude faster: // @n0computerLink

  • JJ: "Strong agree. The most important AI companies of the next decades will: 1) embrace open source principles at the core 2) embrace a FULL stack approach (vertically integrate hardware / software / apps) 3) embrace interdisciplinary cultures focused on first principles

  • OpenBB 🦋: "OpenBB wishes you a Happy Easter 🐰 Get ready to crack the eggs on April 26th with the new v3.0 launch!

  • Open Source Startup Podcast🎙: "Ep 81 of the Open Source Startup Podcast is all about DataOps platform @meltanodata🎙 @amanda_robs & @tnachen talk w/ Meltano CEO @DouweM about spinning out of GitLab, Meltano's cloud launch, making technical data engineers first-class citizens & more 💪

  • Kiran: "Super thrilled to announce an exciting release for @hoppscotch_io ⭐️ Self host your own instance of Hoppscotch ⭐️ An entirely new admin dashboard for org admins ⭐️ Tabs for hassle free multitasking ⭐️ Workspaces for seamless collaboration Read the blog to learn more 🚀...

💸 COSS Liquidity (M&A + IPOs)

🛠️ COSS Jobs

📊 $COSS - Public Markets

  • $COSS markets down 0.74% last week

  • Latest $COSS markets snapshot below as of market close last Friday courtesy of Koyfin.

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Carlos Virreira

Amazing movements in the space. LangChain already changing the world. Super exciting times to be alive.