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COSS Weekly #93

Here's the ninety-third issue of COSS Weekly, the global commercial open source (COSS) company category newsletter, brought to you every weekend by the team at OSS Capital, creators and stewards of COSS Community and Open Core Summit.

We deliver only the most fresh 😋 news from the previous week in COSS across: Funding, Content, Jobs, Liquidity and $COSS (Public Markets).

Last week saw $38M in funding announcements from Sync Computing, Anno, and W4 Games, a deep dive on OpenBB, Heather Meeker on the Stack Overflow podcast, and more!

COSS Funding: $38M

  • Sync Computing, building cloud infrastructure tools for data/ML workloads, announced their $15.5M Series A led by Costanoa. Link
  • Anno, the company behind, announced their $14M Seed led by ITHAKA. Link
  • W4 Games, building commercial products and services around the Godot ecosystem, announced their $8.5M Seed led by OSS Capital and Lux Capital. Link

📚 COSS Content

  • OpenBB 🦋: "Who let the contributors out? 🎤 Woof! Version 1.7.0 is out now!🦋 Check all the updates in the link:

  • Shravan Venkataraman 🔥🚀💰: "A Bloomberg subscription costs $24,000 per year. But you can get nearly 85% of its features for free. It's through an app called Open Bloomberg (aka OpenBB) Here's how: 🧵" Link

  • Glenn Solomon: "Had a great time discussing the incredible story of @gitlab with @sytses on the Founder Real Talk podcast - there is so much to learn from Sid and this amazing company:

  • Joseph Jacks (JJ) 🇺🇦: "It is remarkable and impressive how positive ✨ the HackerNews community responded to the launch of ⁦@W4Games⁩ last week. Extractive, closed tech has dominated game dev for much too long---⁦@godotengine⁩ is changing this in a very big way. 🍀

  • MIXED: "Stable Diffusion is an open-source milestone developed by @runwayml, #EleutherAI, and @StabilityAI among others - and a rival for #OpenAI's #DALLE2. #ai #artificialintelligence

  • Timothy Chen: "One thing that all open source data systems need to do in the beginning is to build trust from their users, given most of these are mission critical and not something can easily adopt and change. After talking to so many oss data companies I see the most common pattern" Link

  • OpenBB 🦋: "Guess who is trending on @github ? 🦋 Thanks for all your support, we have big plans for OpenBB Terminal! Just getting started 🚀 #opensource #github #python #finance

  • Richard Seroter: "If anyone was going to find some of the upper limits of custom resource definitions (CRDs) in Kubernetes, it'd be the @crossplane_io gang. They use a CRD for each service in each cloud, and found ways to scale k8s and remove limits. Lessons here:

  • "v 1.9 is officially live! - dynamic group booking links - bug fixes - routing form additions read on, read on ➡️

  • nocodb: "#ClosedSource offers you a service & then you keep paying for its inefficiencies /user/month #OpenSource offers you efficiency first & then you participate in a revolution! Just Wow! That's 0.5 Million+ records on NocoDB in the most minimalistic & efficient possible way #SQlite

  • Open Source Startup Podcast🎙: "⚡️New Open Source Startup Podcast⚡️ Ft. @michaelmalyuk, CoFounder & CEO of @Heartexlab, the open source data labeling company behind @LabelStudioHQ 💪

  • Y Combinator: "YC W20's @PostHog is a suite of open source product analytic tools that companies can host themselves. For this episode of First Five, we sat down with Co-Founder & CEO @james406 and talked about the first five hires he and his co-founders made:

  • Peer Richelsen 🗓🍊: "a key component why open source startups move faster than their closed-source competitors is the fact that you don't need to work in private. you can ask anyone for help issues? in public code? in public solution? in public" Link

  • Joseph Jacks (JJ) 🇺🇦: "Very cool to see the legendary co-founder/CEO of @gitlab launch and support a COSS company focused on bringing @Rook_io to enterprises everywhere! ✨

  • Stack Overflow: "The home team sat down with open-source software licensing specialist and General Partner at @OSSCapital @HeatherMeeker4 to talk about the evolution of open-source since the 1990s and how her father's work at a computer lab in the 60s inspired her career.

  • Heather Meeker: "Check out Cassidy's excellent work! Trailer: The Dev Morning Show (at night) via @YouTubeLink

  • Ian Tien: "Over time, will all dev tools companies become (or be replaced by) open source companies?" Link

  • COSS Community 🌏: "@iantien will all ̶d̶e̶v̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶l̶s̶ software companies ... ✅" Link

  • Juan Linietsky: "I get contacted often by people that wants to publish stuff with Godot and monetize using ads on mobile. Godot will never offer this because its beyond the mission, and W4 simply does not have the experience or focus on that. So making this poll to understand better your needs:" Link

  • Peer Richelsen 🗓🍊: "i strongly believe that COSS companies (commercial open source companies) chase an incredible brand (and .com domain) especially AppFra (App as Infra) companies when code is a commodity, brand is the differentiator" Link

  • Joseph Jacks (JJ) 🇺🇦: "All COSS startups should do this. Yes, All.

  • Open Source Startup Podcast🎙: "New Open Source Startup Podcast🎙️ Ft. @mikermcneil, CEO of open source device management platform ✨@fleetctl✨ Check it out👇

  • Paul Sawers: "I took a look at @W4Games, an Ireland-based startup that recently launched to commercialize the open-source @godotengine game engine.

  • TechCrunch: "How W4 plans to monetize the Godot game engine using Red Hat's open-source playbook by @psawersLink

  • Liyas Thomas: ". @hoppscotch_io is proud to announce its partnership with LambdaTest at Testμ Conference 2022 to be held from 23-25 August 2022. Drop by our booth to say "Hi" and also get a chance to win some exciting giveaways. Grab your free pass now: #TestMuConf

  • Dagster: "Our straightforward usage-based pricing encourages practitioners to work with the framework, not against it. @_rexledesma explains our pricing philosophy:

  • Changelog: "🚀 New episode of The Changelog 🚀 🗣 Fireside chat with Jack Dorsey ♻️ ✨ featuring @jack 🎤 hosted by @adamstac 🗄️ tagged #startups #bitcoin #oss 💚

💸 COSS Liquidity (M&A + IPOs)

No COSS Liquidity announcements this week.

🛠️ COSS Jobs

  • 7,311 jobs and 238 companies hiring! Link
  • Joshua "ugh" Wehner: "Want to work with me? The eng team at @forem has open roles right now: Remote first, Ruby/Rails, JavaScript (P)React, Very Open Source." Link

📊 $COSS - Public Markets

  • $COSS markets down 7.03% last week

  • Latest $COSS markets snapshot below as of market close last Friday courtesy of Koyfin.

Koyfin market data

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